I deal a lot with anxiety and moments of intense anxiety sometimes leave me wondering what even happened in that second. It's a strange feeling and I couldn't describe it in prose so here's another way. 

Book Review

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Feyre lives a harsh life doing everything she can to provide for her family. Having been used to living in wealth at one point in their lives, Feyre's efforts are ultimately thankless. Things are stale and lifeless until one day when Feyre stumbles upon a huge wolf. She quickly concludes the wolf is Fae. Creatures to be feared that once enslaved humans. She uses her wit and skill to kill the beast and returns home to use the pelt and meat to help her family survive another day.  Shortly afterward, however, a huge beast bursts through their door, demanding repayment for the life Feyre had stolen. 

Book Review

Mars One by Johnathan Maberry

"'But we're not earthlings anymore,' she said, her eyes searching mine. 'Are we?' I smiled. It almost hurt to smile, I was that scared. 'No.' I said. 'Then what are we?' She asked. I cleared my throat. 'We're Martians.'" Johnathan Maberry is a New York Times bestselling and Bram Stoker Award-winning author who wrote this… Continue reading Mars One by Johnathan Maberry

Play Review

Muckrakers by Zayd Dohrn

Zayd Dohrn is a screenwriter and playwright with an MFA from NYU, currently teaching in an MFA program in Writing for the Stage and Screen at Northwestern University. His new play, Muckrakers, first produced in 2013, tells the story of Mira, a young female activist, who brings home famous political hacker and journalist, Stephen, to… Continue reading Muckrakers by Zayd Dohrn