My name is Faith Janicki! I’m currently a student majoring in music education and minoring in theatre. I created this blog as a space to indulge in one of my favorite hobbies:


Now I am, by no means, an experienced writer and I’m not particularly amazing grammatically either. (That probably wasn’t right, heh.) As far as analyzing literature I read goes? Yeah, no good there either. So if my approach is too simple-minded or not detailed enough, I totally get it! This is just where I get my thoughts out about books I read and share with you some favorites!

Every now and then I might also post a short story of my own, so feel free to comment on those as well.

So if you’re into all this stuff too, you’re in the right place! (Or maybe you’re here by accident somehow on your search for the wiki-how article on making a fantasy football team.) Regardless of why you’re here, you’re very welcome to stick around!

Enjoy! (Or deuce out if you just aren’t digging it, I won’t be offended.~)