Book Review

Modern Witchcraft with Skye Alexander

Skye Alexander is an author who dabbles in both fiction and nonfiction and is most known for her mind-body-spirit work. You can find her website and blog here:

The Writing of Skye Alexander

I picked up her book, “Modern Witchcraft Spell Book: Your Complete Guide to Crafting and Casting Spells,” from a small indie bookstore in downtown Columbus, Georgia. It’s a 21st-century look into the act of creating and casting spells and it breaks down the basics of what it is that witches/wizards do in their work! I have only made it through chapter 2 so far but I wanted to share some thoughts I’ve already had so far!

Overall, I love the way Mrs. Alexander explains the practices of magick. It’s not your crazy Hollywood glam with sparkles and cauldrons! (Though she mentions that cauldrons DO make excellent help.) She explains that magick is not a forceful act of the impossible, but rather, the purposeful focus of your own as well as nature’s energy into a series of coincidences that ultimately bring about your goal. This really stuck out to me!

The only thing so far that bugs me a bit is this idea of changing your circumstance in life using thoughts. She mentions that if you have negative thoughts, negative change is brought your way, which I do agree with! But she also relates it to wealth and poverty and this is where I became iffy.

“What you get is what you see. The ideas and beliefs you hold in your mind are the source of what happens to you. They are the seeds from which your reality grows. Your thoughts, words, and deeds are at the root of your health, wealth and happiness– or your illness, poverty, and misery. That’s not meant to cast blame but to help you understand the amazing power you have at your fingertips.”

She specifically mentions that this ideology is not meant to cast blame, but I wish she would expand upon that more. Because it reads to me that if you are poor, or your life circumstances are dire for whatever reason, it is rooted in your thoughts and if you want a better life you should just think for one and act like you have it already and it will eventually come to you. I don’t believe this realistic. I do agree that a lot of positive energy comes from keeping positive thoughts even in hard times, but I don’t believe that it is a done-deal guarantee that your life will improve purely from positive thought. Sometimes the cards life deals are just crappy and there’s not much you can do with what you’re given.  What happens then??

I’m not sure how I feel about the whole thing but I hope she goes more into detail about this in the chapters to come because I would love to have more explanation on her thought process about it!

Otherwise, it’s a fantastic read so far and I’m excited to keep going!



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